Operating Products New Product Outlet Distribution Cooperative Shop Program

CARZONE is a professional service provider dedicated to the integration of automobile aftermarket with the network covering the whole country. On the basis of CARZONE  auto parts chain, it was established by integrating part of the original supply chain of automobile Superman, Alibaba Group's automobile aftermarket business and related resources, and successively obtained hundreds of millions of dollars from Alibaba, Huaping investment, Yunfeng fund, PAG investment, Goldman Sachs and other investment institutions In terms of capital injection, Shang Baoguo, founder and President of CARZONE , was the first CEO.

At present, the company has set up more than 1000 spare parts supply outlets across the country to guarantee the "30 minute" delivery of maintenance customer demand in the region. More than 8000 employees of the company distribute more than 10000 orders to the maintenance enterprises every day to ensure that the maintenance enterprises provide accurate services for car owners.

CARZONE  team has always adhered to the service concept of "fast, accurate and full range", with the mission of "vehicle health and human safety" and the vision of "making all car owners worry free". Currently, the number of normal maintenance parts within 200000 kilometers of the whole series of supply vehicles has exceeded 80000, and the total number of commodity transactions has exceeded 50 million in the whole year, becoming a stronger player after the automobile.

Practice S2B new retail, partner recruitment in progress

Qiancheng QianDian project is the "integration" plan launched by CARZONE  company in combination with the new retail concept. Relying on CARZONE 's mature supply chain platform resources and your landing resources, it provides all-round services for maintenance enterprises online and offline.

Qiancheng QianDian adopts the way of "regional exclusive, partnership and entrepreneurship, resource sharing" to recruit partners from the major third, fourth and fifth tier cities in China, open CARZONE  auto parts shop in the authorized area, and start the auto parts journey.

I stock up, you run

The biggest trouble of making auto parts is inventory. Unsalable inventory occupies the capital, and the final disposal may be worthless. Join CARZONE , the products are under the unified management of the company, so that you have zero inventory burden.

I open up, you gain

CARZONE  professional marketing team, to assist in marketing, customer development, complex business simple to do.

I support your development

The powerful backstage support system of CARZONE , such as capital, it, commodity, operation management, training and brand, is the strong backing for your development.

Enjoy the future with progress

Join Qiancheng QianDian, and you will have zero distance with the stronger auto parts chain. The existing hundreds of Direct stores are not for boasting, but for the accumulation of experience, the source of innovation, and the first choice for maintenance enterprises.


01 CARZONE  app is downloaded and used by more than 30000 maintenance enterprises

02 ten million level data matching of data system, more than 11000 VIN code queries per day, 10% growth per month

03 CARZONE  Superman mobile office enables you to master the business trends 24 hours, anytime, anywhere

04 4 times a year, 5 days of progressive cadre training courses, the cradle of cadre team building. Not every auto parts company has the courage to start several shifts every year. Join CARZONE  and see you next year

05 more than 300 management, operation and technical trainings are held every year, receiving thousands of maintenance enterprises, CEO lectures and front-line platforms, who will compete?

06 highly recognized operation and management concepts in the market, such as system supply, self changing box maintenance station, and "de technicalization" of maintenance enterprises, all originate from CARZONE 

Partners: interested in auto parts business or have team management experience; agree with CARZONE  values and management system, etc.

Expansion area: the area where CARZONE  has not yet opened stores, mainly in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities.