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NEW CARZONE and Castrol held a high-level strategic meeting to jointly create a new experience of au

Time:2020-08-25   Visits:522

On 9th July, 2020, at the new headquarter of NEW CARZONE group in Nanjing, Castrol and NEW CARZONE group conducted business reviews and business discussions on the existing situations and future directions of several strategic cooperation projects, and reached the new strategic cooperation goals and directions.

New president of Castrol in China Zhang zhiqiang, general sales manager in vehicle lubricants in China Chen Qing, channel management director Yao shengyu, strategic channel sales director Xu yonglun, major customer manager Huang Chen, CEO of NEW CARZONE group Shang baoguo, general manager in innovation division of Tmall car /President of NEW CARZONE Shao long, COO of NEW CARZONE Li Yi, vice President of strategic planning and intelligent commercial center of NEW CARZONE Jim Blair, general manager in lubricants division Gao fei, lubricants division castrol brand director Ma rongshuang, such high-level representatives in both sides attended the meeting.



The meeting made a comprehensive review of the in-depth cooperation in multiple business areas since the two sides reached the brand strategic cooperation, and the top management of both sides highly affirmed the achievements since the cooperation. Meanwhile, strategic planning also is made by two sides for further in-depth cooperation in the future.


New President of castrol China Zhang zhiqiang said that NEW CARZONE is an important strategic partner of castrol, we will continue to strengthen cooperation and investments in existing businesses of both sides, furtherly expand business cooperations and attentions in new retailing, channel sinking, Tmall care chain and other advantageous businesses of NEW CARZONE, we also are seeking for advanced cooperation opportunities in clean energy, channel integration, consumer attention and other areas.


Shang baoguo, CEO of NEW CARZONE, said that Castrol and BP are both important strategic cooperative brands of NEW CARZONE in different fields or channels. With the attention and supports of the brands, we will surely obtain more excellent performance and market influence in the service of more than 1000 front warehouses of NEW CARZONE to customers in the future.

The meeting further promoted the continuous investment and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in automotive aftermarket channels and brand strategies, reached the strategic cooperation goals of "creating value-added service experience for consumers and jointly exploring new consumer service models through online and offline integrated innovation", and opened up more possibilities for the strategic upgrade of service supply in China's automotive market.