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‘Discuss, create and share together’ -- the first ‘China IAM manufacturer entrepreneur - CARZONE SAL

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On August 18, 2020, ‘Digitalization reconstructs new trading’ -- the first session of ‘China IAM manufacturer entrepreneur--CARZONE Salon’ was successfully held in Gaochun, Nanjing, sponsored by NEW CARZONE-CAPS, co-organized by Gaochun Auto Production Alliance, Gaochun Industry and Information Bureau and Gaochun Business Bureau. Leaders of Gaochun District Committee, senior executives of NEW CARZONE and more than 150 Entrepreneurs of Chinese automotive aftermarket manufacturers attended the salon to explore the challenges and opportunities of automotive aftermarket development.


Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Gaochun district, Song Weixing


Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Gaochun district Song Weixing made an opening speech for this salon. Gaochun has always been known as ‘the land of fish and rice’. In addition to being a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu, it is also a manufacturing service hub and high-tech manufacturing supporting base in East of China. Mr. Song welcomed everyone's arrival and hoped that more enterprises could have closer relationship with Gaochun in the future.



vice director of Gaochun district, Tang Jingshun

Vice director of Gaochun district, Mr. Tang Jingshun brought about the introduction of gaochun for everyone. As the development zone with the most investment potential in the Changjiang Delta, Gaochun has a clear industrial positioning, perfect industrial supporting facilities, good automotive industry foundation, excellent business environment and a number of policies support, and welcome high-quality enterprises to settle in Gaochun.



This August is the second anniversary of The establishment of NEW CARZONE. Mr. Shang Baoguo, CEO of NEW CARZONE, shared his thoughts on the future of the entire business layout of NEW CARZONE from ‘B’ side to ‘C’ side in the salon, combined with the current developments of the domestic aftermarket, analyzed the commodity circulation channels and trends. He emphasized that what NEW CARZONE has been doing in the supply chain business is to "deliver the best products of suppliers to the maintenance terminals with demands in the shortest time". He also carried out cooperation with the majority of supplier partners in the spirit of sincere cooperation, mutual cultivation, and an attitude of both inferiority and overbearing.



Starting from ‘Tmall autocare’ business, Mr. Li Yi, COO of NEW CARZONE, Shared the layout of NEW CARZONE in the new retailing. He built a new aftermarket retailing system through the digital mode of big data feedback channel efficiency, marketing efficiency and supply chain efficiency, and introduced in detail the brand positioning and commercial positioning of ‘Tmall autocare’ and the localized service of ‘Tmall autocare’.



The key word for the salon is ‘digitalization’. Mr. Lin Youhua, the general manager of F6 technology has showed the current industry supply chain inefficiencies in the software system, the current situation of ‘small shop + small system’, he detailed how the F6 via ‘establishing a standard industry data, connect upstream and downstream’ and provide ‘stores management system’ of improving the efficiency of supply chain, to realize the reverse supply chain.



Back to the ‘hardware’ data. Zhang Jian, director of Market & Category planning department of NEW CARZONE, Shared the business picture of NEW CARZONE supply chain for everybody. He emphasized that NEW CARZONE ‘takes the customer as the center and the supply chain as the core’ for category planning, conducts new product development based on big data demand, selects category suppliers through a series of rigorous and professional processes, and carries out joint operation on the supply side, so as to serve terminal maintenance enterprises and car owners well.



Mr. Jim, senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Intelligent Business Center of NEW CARZONE, brought us the sharing of ‘Current situation and development trend of Chinese and American automotive aftermarket’. By comparing the historical development of American ‘4S store’ market, he pointed out that the major difference between Chinese and American automotive aftermarket size is due to the average age of cars, and this difference is being rapidly reduced. The epidemic has led to the rapid growth of the online ‘B2B’ market, which is also a new opportunity for the development of many aftermarket enterprises.



From overseas market present situation to the overseas trade planning, general manager of the ‘NEW CARZONE-CAPS’ Tu Jun shared the overseas trade planning of the ‘Digitalization reconstructs new trading’, comparing the challenge for the traditional trade, the necessity of developing new digital trade is coming. CAPS focuses on restructuring overseas trade through new trade services, improving factory agency services, establishing parts data system, building factory brand operation, enabling e-commerce operation and other directions. He showed the trade business of digital trade growth as an example, let the scene manufacturers entrepreneurs see the new direction.



The beginning of the entrepreneurs’ salon brought the activity to the climax, the founder of ‘SI DONG GONG CHANG’, first person in Chinese private advisory board Lan Gang guide more than one hundred entrepreneurs discussed the hot topic in the industry. The innovation, the idea came up with warm atmosphere, all groups came to the stage to share their views for all. Gather serval senior personnel in the industry in a short period of time to discuss, create, share, this may be the charm of the private advisory board.



 The salon ended after the engage ceremony of activities, in order to make next session of ‘China IAM manufacturer entrepreneur CARZONE SALON’ to be more perfect, we invited six manufacturers entrepreneurs and three members from NEW CARZONE to set up the ‘Manufacturers CARZONE SALON organizing committee’. Vice President of NEW CARZONE Tan Chunlin, director of risk control department Han Fengxing issued the certificates for organizing committee members.


‘Only based on the limited knowledge from the past, you are unable to walk into the future’, in order to be the ‘integrated professional services provider in auto aftermarket’, NEW CARZONE is always on the way of explorations and attempts.

The first session of ‘China IAM manufacturer entrepreneur CARZONE SALON’ is just a beginning, we wish to have more manufacturer entrepreneurs can join us to share ideas with others in the future, gather the wisdom of the industry, jointly cope with the challenge of the rising market and discuss! Create! Share and explore the infinite possibilities of the future together!