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Successful Housewarming Ceremony of New Carzone Nanjing Headquarters

Time:2020-05-04   Visits:170

April 30, 2020, New Carzone ushered in a new milestone in the company's development history-the relocation of the Nanjing headquarters to a new location, which is located in the largest high-tech industrial park in the main city of Nanjing-Xincheng Science and Technology Park.

During the epidemic, we did not invite guests, only representatives of the company's management and Nanjing headquarters employees participated, and at the same time, we carried out an online live broadcast to share the housewarming with everyone.


At 10:18 in the morning, with the beating of the gong by Mr. Shang Baoguo, CEO of New Carzone, the housewarming ceremony officially began. Mr. Shang gave a speech to express his sincere gratitude to the friends who have always cared about and supported New Carzone. When it comes to relocation, surprises always follow. New Carzone formally established an independent office in 2006, moved to Ningnan Auto Parts City in 2012, Southern Pioneer Park in 2014, and then to the current Xincheng Science and Technology Park in 2020

Every relocation will usher in a new climax in business. In this April at the turn of spring and summer, New Carzone's business has indeed reached a new height.


The market and economy affected by the epidemic are already recovering. New Carzone insists on being customer-centric, actively assisting garages to resume operation, provide high-quality products and professional services, and together create a new market trend in 2020. After the speech, the ribbon-cutting ceremony officially began.


The representatives of the headquarters held blossoms and golden scissors representing the joy and auspiciousness, blessing the longevity of New Carzone's bright future



With the completion of the ceremony, the relocation ceremony of the Nanjing headquarters of New Carzone was officially concluded. The simple and warm sense of ceremony during the special period unveiled a new beginning for New Carzone's Nanjing headquarters.


All New Carzone teammates will continue to forge ahead with their original intention, positioning themselves as an integrated professional service provider in the automotive aftermarket, with the mission of "vehicle health and human safety" and the vision of "making all car owners worry-free". If everything in 2020 is difficult at the beginning, then the ending must be satisfactory!



Nanjing headquarters of NEW CARZONE