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New Carzone East China Maintenance Customer Meeting

Time:2020-05-23   Visits:565

The sudden epidemic in 2020 has disturbed the operation of many companies. Such a market environment is both a challenge and an opportunity. Entering May, the epidemic gradually faded away, and garage owners who were uncomfortable with the status quo began to walk out of their stores to communicate and share their own experiences.

· Shanghai

On May 8th, at the headquarters of Shanghai Haibao Auto Care, twenty local chain garage owners gathered together to hear the "Four Questions on Maintenance" and "Four Questions on Insurance" shared by the founder of Haibao Auto Care, Mr. Shaoshuai. This conference triggered everyone's hot discussion on how to do insurance business in garages to attract and keep customers, whether to publish small maintenance items or not, and how to create differentiation via small maintenance items.

The managers of Yuechefang, Polaroid, Pickmi, Chaoyue Auto, and Centen Technology shared their practical experience and past obstacles.


Shared by Shao Shuai, founder of Haibao Auto Care

The Shanghai regional manager of Bosch, Chen Shujia, shared on Bosch's assistance in the chain garage project. Among them, Bosch's service and marketing plan for chain enterprises has attracted much attention. This coincides with the general concern of maintenance companies this year on "how to intensively operate and serve vehicle owners".



Share of Chen Shujia, the Shanghai Regional Manager of Bosch


Group Photo of Conference Participants From Various Shanghai Chain Garages at Haibao Auto Care Headquarters

· Taizhou

On May 13, 10 excellent maintenance companies from Taizhou gathered in the New Carzone FDC of Taizhou Bridge to participate New Carzone’s exchange meeting, focusing on "Integrate Maintenance Service to Improve Operating Efficiency, Refine Operation to Optimization Services".

The CEO of New Carzone, Mr. Shang Baoguo, shared his opinions on the topic of industry trends and maintenance integration, focusing on sharing garages' focus on "market trends", "competitive relationship", "supply relationship", and "employee relationship". His understandings are highly recognized by the meeting participants.


Pannold General Manager Mr. Tang Yaxing's talk on the increasing demand of replacing chassis parts caused by the growth of vehicle age and how maintenance companies seized the opportunity of the chassis parts project aroused the interest of the customers presented.


The CEO of New Carzone, Mr. Shang Baoguo, communicating with outstanding chain enterprises in Taizhou



Pannold General Manager Mr. Tang Yaxing shares market opportunities for chassis parts

· Wenzhou

Under the industry trend this year, Wenzhou's outstanding chain enterprises are even more eager to take new opportunities. On May 14, nearly 20 chain enterprises from Wenzhou came to participate in the "Maintenance Integration Topics" exchange meeting of New Carzone.

CEO of New Carzone, Mr. Shang Baoguo, shared that garages are highly dependent on geographic locations. Under the influence of the epidemic, some stores have operating problems. Repair companies with financial strength and operational capabilities can use this to seize advantageous locations at a lower cost. Moreover, whether it is supply resources, human resources or funds, they will all concentrate to outstanding garages. This trend is becoming more and more obvious. In the next few years, the aftermarket will still be one of the industries worth investing in.



CEO of New Carzone, Mr. Shang Baoguo, Sharing on The Topic of Maintenance Integration


Mr. Zhao Wei, Zhejiang Regional Manager of Bosch, Shares Bosch's Project of Assisting Garages


Mr. Guo Chenghao, Zhejiang Manager of New Carzone, Shares New Carzone's Unique Supportive Service for Garages 



Group Photo of Guests Attending the When Zhou Customer Exchange Conference

The market is changing and customer demands are changing as well. New Carzone has always been with customers, with the mission of “making vehicle healthy and driver safe", and coordinated with major supplier partners to provide high-quality products and professional services suiting customer demands. Let garages have "zero burden on inventory", "ability to diversify projects" and "ability to concentrate" to provide better services to drivers, and make continuous efforts to realize the vision of "making all drivers worry-free".