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Repair and integration, fine operation, adverse growth

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The sudden epidemic in 2020 has disturb the business plans of many enterprises. Such a market environment is both a challenge and an opportunity. In May, the epidemic situation was gradually lifted, and the owners of the maintenance enterprises who were not satisfied with the status quo began to go out of their own stores and interact with each other.

· Shanghai

On May 8, 20 local maintenance chain owners gathered at the headquarters of Shanghai Haibao car chain. The "four questions of maintenance" and "four questions of insurance" shared by Shao Shuai, the founder of Haibao car maintenance, triggered heated discussions on how to do a good job of insurance business in the maintenance store to attract and lock customers to the store, whether or not to make money in small maintenance, and how to make differences in small maintenance.

Yuechefang, Baoli, tiaomi, Chaochao Qifu, Luoteng technology and other bosses have shared their own practical experience and stepped on the pit.


Shared by young commander, founder of Haibao car

Chen Shujia, regional manager of Bosch Shanghai, shared Bosch's assistance in the maintenance chain project, in which Bosch's service marketing plan for chain enterprises has attracted much attention, which coincides with the fact that this year's maintenance enterprises generally pay more attention to "how to cultivate and serve the car owners well".



Shared by Chen Shujia, regional manager of Bosch Shanghai



Group photo of Shanghai maintenance chain enterprise in Haibao car maintenance headquarters

· Taizhou

On May 13, 10 excellent maintenance enterprises in Taizhou gathered in the front warehouse of Taizhou road and bridge of xinkangzhong to participate in the small exchange meeting of "repair and integration to improve efficiency, intensive cultivation and optimized service" of xinkangzhong.

Shang Baoguo, CEO of xinkangzhong, made a sharing and exchange with you on the industry trend and repair integration topic, focusing on sharing that repair enterprises should work around "market situation", "competition relationship", "supply relationship" and "employee relationship", which was highly recognized by the leaders.

Tang Yaxing, general manager of panod, raised the demand for chassis parts replacement due to the increase of vehicle age. How to seize the opportunity of chassis parts project by maintenance enterprises aroused the resonance of customers present.

This kind of private meeting for small and excellent maintenance enterprises can have in-depth interaction and deepen the communication between peers. Many bosses expressed their hope that xinkangzhong would organize more similar communication activities in the future.


Communication between new Kangzhong CEO Shang Baoguo and Taizhou excellent chain enterprises



Tang Yaxing, general manager of panod, shares market opportunities of chassis parts

· Wenzhou

Under this industry situation this year, Wenzhou excellent chain enterprises are eager to try. On May 14, nearly 20 chain enterprises in Wenzhou came to the new Kangzhong "repair and integration topic" exchange meeting.

Shangbaoguo, CEO of xinkangzhong, shared that the dependence of maintenance stores on geographical location is very high. Under the influence of the epidemic, some stores have problems in operation. Maintenance enterprises with financial strength and operational ability can seize the advantage of the location at a lower cost. Moreover, no matter supply resources, human resources or funds, they will also be more and more concentrated in excellent maintenance stores, which is becoming more and more obvious. In the next few years, the post market is still one of the industries worth investing in.



New Kangzhong CEO Shang Baoguo shares repair and integration



Zhao Wei, regional manager of Bosch Zhejiang

Share Bosch's project of helping maintenance chain enterprises


Guo Chenghao, Zhejiang key account manager of xinkangzhong

Share new Kangzhong's service support to maintenance chain enterprises



Group photo of guests at Wenzhou customer exchange conference


The market is changing as well as the customer’s demands, xinkangzhong has always been working with customers to provide high-quality products and professional services around the customer demand with the mission of "vehicle health and human safety", and constantly improve the service, so that the maintenance enterprises can provide better services for the car owners by "zero inventory burden", "enhancement of parts project-based ability" and "focus on energy", so as to achieve the goal of "let All car owners use worry free "vision and continuous efforts.