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Speeding up the layout, Creating future together

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On March 25, a new and upgraded API SP series of BP lubricants were launched in Nanjing. Mr. Shang Baoguo, CEO of NEW CARZONE group, Mr. Chen Qing, General Manager of Automotive Sales in Greater China of Castrol Lubricants, and other seniorrepresentatives of both sides attended the conference to witness this exciting moment.


In the new strategic upgrade of NEW CARZONE and BP, Castrol gives full play to the advantages of flowing pioneer technology. The new BP Visco lubricant products will adopt the newly upgraded formula, bottle shape and the label with better product use experience. Meanwhile, the upgraded anti-counterfeiting label is equipped to provide consumers with a better guarantee of authentic products. The new and upgraded BP series products will continue to provide more secured products with higher quality and service experience for car owners.


As a professional high-end lubricant brand, BP has laid a solid foundation in the lubricant business in China market by virtue of its own strength and high-quality products, therefore, BP lubricants have been recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers. As the largest integrated professional service provider in China's IAM, NEW CARZONE has owned more than 1,100 service centers in more than 30 provinces nationwide in 2021, nearly 10 thousand employees are providing the professional services for the repair & maintenance industry.

As the industry innovators in the China’s IAM and lubricants field, NEW CARZONE and BP Castrol look forward to meet the differentiated needs of the market with professional service and excellent quality by creating more value-added service experience for consumers, and inaugurate a new future of product supply and service in the automotive consumption market.