January - launched International business division to expand business with global partners. 


February Held Tmall Autocare online merchant event and launched the national registration channel.


March Tmall Car Station certification system and certification launch ceremony was officially held in Alibaba park, Hangzhou. Tmall Car Station officially launched a new certification system, which was jointly created by Tmall Car Station and TÜV NORD.

June NEW CARZONE and Tenneco Group (NYSE:TEN) DRiV™ -- the world's leading automotive aftermarket and driving performance company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further strengthen their presence in China's automotive aftermarket.

August The first communication meeting of NEW CARZONE Automobile aftermarket in Malaysia was successfully held.

On October 9, the official website of The Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province announced the evaluation result of key cultivating enterprises and industrial chains of supply chain. NEW CARZONE was on the list of ‘Key cultivating enterprises of Supply chain’, and ranked the first.

December Officially launched the ‘Tmall Autocare’ franchise project.


March Became the strategic partner of ‘Kansai Paint’-- the exclusive operator in the Chinese automotive aftermarket.

April Launch of the wholesaling platform; on the list of the first batch of Unicorn companies cultivated in Nanjing in 2018, retail shops grew to 500 nationwide.

May School-enterprise cooperation, the strategic cooperation with Tongling Technical College was formally signed, becoming the internship base of the school.

July Signed a strategic contract with KYB for comprehensive cooperation - the global shock absorber expert.

August ‘Carzone Auto Parts Chain’, ‘Auto Superman’ and ‘Tmall Auto’ signed a cooperation agreement, set up a joint venture company to build a new retail support system for automotive aftermarket services; wholly acquired Datong Ya Zhi Feng to expand in Shanxi market.

October  ‘Carzone Auto Parts’ was on the second batch of Nanjing unicorn companies list in 2018. NEW CARZONE & Tmall Car Station press conference was held, and NEW CARZONE was formally established, ushering in the era of integration of Parts and Repair in the automotive aftermarket.

December  ‘Century Lubrication Expert’ Castrol signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with NEW CARZONE - professional supplier of automotive aftermarket supply chain. Castrol authorized NEW CARZONE to operate BP Visco products exclusively in Mainland China.


February ‘Thousands of stores in Thousands of cities’ project was officially launched.

May More than 300 retail shops covering 142 cities in 27 provinces.

June Acquired Changsha Weiye and started regional oil business.

July  Strategic cooperation with Bank of Nanjing, granted with 300 million RMB investments, which helped NEW CARZONE fully expand the project of ‘Thousands of stores in thousands of cities’. Completion and smooth delivery of 50 million USD B+ round of financing.

November Wholly acquired ‘Liaocheng Yuetai’ to expand Shandong market. Retail shops grew to more than 420 nationwide.

December Strategic cooperation with ‘Motion Lubricant’, joint launch of high-quality lubricant + deep maintenance project; strategic cooperation with Liyang Data, jointly promoting big data construction in the aftermarket; strategic cooperation with Mann-Hummel.


January  ‘Ju Hao Sheng’ platform was launched.

February launched high-end car products; more than 200 retail shops, expanded in Liaoning market

March  Signed strategic cooperation agreements with MEYLE and KYB etc.

November Received 50 million investment USD from Goldman Sachs in round B, launched the new VI, and signed the strategic cooperation upgrade agreements with Bosch, Gates, Sofima, Tenneco and Zhong Dian Tian Gong.


June  Received round A investment, expanded in Hunan market.

August Established strategic partnership with Sofima.

December Retail shops covering 17 provinces and 90 cities.


April Expansion in Zhejiang market.

October  E-commerce platform was launched. 

December Expanded markets in Gansu, Guizhou, Henan and Inner Mongolia, with more than 100 retail shops nationwide.


"CARZONE auto parts" was officially established in Nanjing, covering Tianjin, Jiangsu, Beijing, Hebei, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities

September CARZONE Auto Parts Company was established

December The outlets cover Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities to establish strategic cooperative relations with Bosch, Gates, Hella and other brands.


Repurchased shares and reformed structure. Introduced the new logo ‘CARZONE’.


First time to accept foreign venture capital mergers and acquisitions.


The retail shops were increased to 16.


Continuously developing in Tianjin and Jiangsu. Set up 6 retail shops.


‘Nanjing Carzone Auto Parts’ was established. 


The founder Shang Baoguo opened the first ‘Carzone’ auto parts retail shop in Tianjin.

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